1996 SATURN SL / SL1 / SL2 (Sedans) 


Saturn sedans compete in the $13,000-$18,000 range for first-time buyers,
import intenders and value-conscious consumers.  Saturn offers three
separate sedan models for buyers in the small (economy) car range, from the
base SL to the sporty SL2.  Saturn sedans are designed to compete in the
small car market segment by offering high levels of reliability and
dependability, fun-to-drive characteristics, affordable pricing and
excellent customer treatment by Saturn-Saab-Isuzu Retailers.

NEW FOR 1996:

* All-new exterior appearance
* Revised interior, including door trim, fabrics, seat appearance and
  garnish mouldings
* Roof applique reduces water runoff from roof into passenger compartment
* Two new 14" wheels and new 15" wheel cover
* Fuel filler door includes fuel cap holder
* Driver and front passenger chair height raised to optimize comfort
* Adjustable shoulder belt guides
* P185/65R15 touring tire replaces P195/60R15 on SL2 to optimize
  ride/handling tradeoff
* Traction control now available with manual transmission and ABS
* New lumbar adjustment on cloth SL2 driver's seat
* Sequential fuel injection added to both engines
* Noise reduction package implemented
* Remote keyless entry system added to power door lock option
* Gray leather optional on SL2
* Longer door opening for improved rear seat entrance

MODELS:  Saturn SL  (4-door sedan)
         Saturn SL1 (4-door sedan)
         Saturn SL2 (4-door sedan)


ASSEMBLY LOCATION: Spring Hill, Tennessee


Saturn appeals to value-conscious buyers in the 25- to 40-year range who
want a sporty appearance and reliability in the car they buy, along with a
positive Retailer relationship.


1985  General Motors announces new Saturn Corporation as a wholly owned
1990  First 1991-model (red metallic sedan) driven off assembly line by GM
      Chairman Roger B. Smith (July 30, 1990)
1991  Start of sales in Canada through about 70 Saturn-Saab-Isuzu retail
      facilities (October 1991)
1993  Introduction of new station wagon models
1994  June 23-25  -  44,000 Saturn owners and their families attend the
      Saturn "Homecoming" in Springhill
1995  Driver and passenger air bags added as standard equipment
      Saturn produces it's 1,000,000 car on May 31
      Drive-In Movie reunion for canadian Saturn orders on Sept.9
1996  All new exterior; revised interior appearance; driver and front
      passenger chair height raised to optimize comfort; traction control
      now available with manual transmission and ABS; sequential fuel
      injection added to SOHC and DOHC 1.9-litre L4 engines.


EXTERIOR FEATURES                               SL        SL1       SL2  

Body Panels    Polymer, vertical                 S         S         S
Deck Lid       Applique, body colour             S         S         NA
               Smoked Red                        NA        NA        S
Door Handles   Flush appearance, black colour    S         S         NA
               Body colour                       NA        NA        S
Flush Glass    Gutterless water management       S         S         S
License Plate  Front, mountings                  S         S         S
Glass          Tinted                            S         S         S
Halogen Lamps  Sealed                            S         S         S
Horn           Single note                       S         S         S
Key            Symmetrical, works all locks and
               ignition                          S         S         S
Keylock        Black                             S         S         S
Lamps          Fog lamps                         NA        NA        O
Mirrors        Left hand remote, black           S         S         S
               Right hand direct control, black  NA        S         S
               Right hand remote - electric,
               black                             NA        O         O
Paint          High-gloss waterborne
               w/clear coat                      S         S         S
Rear Window    80% drop, rear door window        S         S         S
               Fixed rear door quarter window    S         S         S
Rear Taillamp  Integral reflex                   S         S         S
               Amber turn signal                 S         S         S
               Smoke Lens                        NA        NA        S
               Backup Lamps                      S         S         S
Space Frame    Extensive use of galvanized
               metal                             S         S         S
Spoiler        Rear                              NA        NA        O
Sunroof        Power                             NA        O         O
Wheels         14" w/standard cover              S         NA        NA
               14" steel w/uplevel cover         NA        S         NA
               15" steel w/standard cover        NA        NA        S
               15" aluminum (Sawtooth)           NA        NA        O

S - Standard Equipment  O - Optional Equipment.  NA - Not Available.

INTERIOR FEATURES                               SL        SL1       SL2  

Air Conditioning   Manual                        O         O         O
Ashtrays           Front and rear                S         S         S
Assist Handles     (except optional sunroof)     S         S         S
Child Seat         Provisions                    S         S         S
Cigarette Lighter  Cigarette lighter             S         S         S
Clock              Digital, quartz               S         S         S
Coat Hooks         Coat hooks                    S         S         S
Colour-Keyed IP    With glovebox                 S         S         S
Console Armrest    Lockable                      NA        NA        *
                   * Retailer installed accessory
Cruise Control     Electronic                    NA        O         O
Cupholders         Cupholders                    S         S         S
Doorjamb Switches  Front driver's - key and
                   headlamp reminder, courtesy   S         S         S
                   Front passenger - courtesy
                   lamp                          S         S         S
                   Rear doors - courtesy lamp    S         S         S
Glovebox           w/o lock                      S         S         S
Headlining         Soft, w/depression for
                   sunshades                     S         S         S
Console Lighting   Headlining, w/integral
                   3-way switch, on/off
                   w/door open, /on
                   delayed shutoff               NA        NA        S
Heater             5-position fan control
                   (4-speed)                     S         S         S
                   Infinitely variable outlet
                   mode control                  S         S         S
                   Rear heater ducts             S         S         S
Instrumentation    Speedometer (km/h & mph),
                   speedometer (180kph),
                   speedometer                   S         S         NA
                   Speedometer (210kph)          NA        NA        S
                   Trip odometer, fuel gauge,
                   coolant temperature gauge,
                   tachometer, odometer          S         S         S
Keyless Entry      Remote keyless entry system
                   (included w/power door lock
                   option)                       NA        O         O
Lighting           Ashtray lamp                  S         S         S
                   Rear compartment              S         S         S
Padded Sunshades   With passenger vanity mirror  S         S         S
Power              Door locks (includes remote
                   keyless entry system)         NA        O         O
                   Windows                       NA        O         O
Radio              AM/FM stereo                  S         NA        NA
                   With cassette                 NA        S         S
                   With cassette and equalizer,
                   CD changer compatible         NA        O         O
                   Premium speakers              NA        NA        S
Rear Defroster     Electric w/timer              S         S         S
Remote             Deck lid release              S         S         S
                   Rear door remote handle
                   disable                       S         S         S
                   Fuel door release
                   w/fuel cap holder             S         S         S
                   Hood release                  S         S         S
Seat and Trim      Cloth/vinyl                   S         NA        NA
                   Leather                       NA        NA        O
                   Premium cloth                 NA        S         S
                   Reclining front seat backs    S         S         S
                   Fore-aft adjust pedestal      S         NA        S
                   Headrest adjustable -
                   vertical                      NA        NA        S
                   Fore-aft                      NA        NA        S
                   Fold down rear seatbacks
                   (60/40)                       S         S         S
                   Driver's seat height
                   adjustable                    NA        NA        S
                   Front seat lumbar support     NA        NA        S
                   Integral rear seat headrest   S         S         S
Seatbelts          Colour-keyed w/adjustable
                   shoulder guide loops
                   Front - 3-point active        S         S         S
                   Rear - outboard lap and
                   shoulder                      S         S         S
                   Centre - 2-point              S         S         S
Sill Plates        Colour-Keyed                  S         S         S
Steering Column    Adjustable rake               S         S         S
                   w/stalk controls              S         S         S
                   Flash to pass, turn signals   S         S         S
                   Headlamps and park lamps      S         S         S
                   Wipers                        S         S         S
Steering Wheel     Energy absorbing
                   (graphite colour)             S         S         S
Vanity Mirror      Passenger side only           S         S         S
Ventilation        Flow-through, w/individual
                   on/off controls               S         S         S

S - Standard Equipment  O - Optional Equipment.  NA - Not Available.

POWER TEAMS/CHASSIS/MECHANICAL                  SL        SL1       SL2  

Battery            Maintenance-free              S         S         S
Block              Aluminum w/cast iron lines    S         S         S
Brake              Brake transmission shift
                   interlock (Automatic only)    NA        O         O
Brakes             Power, front disc and rear
                   drum w/audible wear sensor    S         S         S
                   4-wheel anti-lock (includes
                   traction control)             O         O         O
Cylinder Heads     Aluminum                      S         S         S
Drive Belt         Self-adjusting                S         S         S
Driveshafts        Equal-length                  S         S         S
Electrical         Service diagnostics           S         S         S
Engine Coolant     Long-life                     S         S         S
Exhaust            Stainless steel               S         S         S
Fuel Injection     Electronic, PFI/sequential    S         S         S
Fuel Pump          Electric                      S         S         S
Fuse Centres       Centralized                   S         S         S
Hydraulic Clutch   Manual transmission only      S         S         S
Ignition System    Distributorless               S         S         S
Lube               Lube-for-life suspension      S         S         S
Spark Control      Electronic                    S         S         S
Steering           Power, computer controlled,
                   variable effort               NA        O         S
                   Power, non-variable ratio     NA        S         NA
Suspension         Independent, 4-wheel          S         S         S
Timing Chain       Steel                         S         S         S
Tires              P175/70R14 84S Firestone
                   all season S/B radial         S         S         NA
                   P185/65R15 86T Firestone
                   all S/B radial touring        NA        NA        S
Transmission       5-speed (manual)              S         S         S
                   4-speed (automatic)           NA        O         O

S - Standard Equipment  O - Optional Equipment.  NA - Not Available.

SAFETY/SECURITY                                 SL        SL1       SL2  

Air Bags           Driver and passenger          S         S         S
Anti-lock Brakes   4-wheel ABS                   O         O         O
Lighting           Daytime running lamps         S         S         S
Traction Control   Manual                        O         O         O
Roadside Service   24-hour Roadside Assistance   S         S         S

S - Standard Equipment  O - Optional Equipment.  NA - Not Available.


                   1996 SATURN SL / SL1 / SL2

CHASSIS/BODY       Steel Spaceframe
                   Front engine (transverse) / front-wheel drive

BODY MATERIAL      Polymer composites, galvanized steel

SUSPENSION  Front  Independent, MacPherson strut, lateral link
                   and tension strut/stabilizer bar
             Rear  Independent, Tri-link with strut/spring
                   module (stabilizer bar - SL2

                   Power-assisted, front disc/rear drum

STEERING           Manual, rack-and-pinion (SL)
                   Power-assisted, rack-and-pinion (SL1)
                   Power-assisted, variable-effort, rack-and-pinion (SL2)

WHEELS             SL/SL1                   SL2
                   14" x 5.5" steel w/      15" x 6" steel w/
                   full wheel covers        full wheel covers

TIRES              P175/70R14               P185/65R15
                   all-season               all-season touring

ENGINES            1.9-litre SOHC L4        1.9-litre DOHC L4
Type               SOHC In-line 4 cylinder  DOHC In-line 4 cylinder
Bore x Stroke      82.0 x 90.0 mm           82.0 x 90.0 mm
                   (3.23 x 3.54")           (3.23 x 3.54")
Displacement       1901 cc (116 cu.in.)     1901 cc (116 cu.in.)
Compression Ratio  9.3:1                    9.5:1
Fuel, Recommended  Regular Unleaded         Regular Unleaded
Fuel Induction     Port Fuel Injection      Port Fuel Injection
Horsepower         100 hp @ 5000 rpm        124 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque             114 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm   122 lb.-ft. @ 4800 rpm -(man.)
                                             118 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm -(auto.)

TRANSMISSIONS      SL/SL1                SL/SL1
                   5-speed               4-speed electronic
                   manual                automatic
Gear Ratios:  1st  3.25                  2.53
              2nd  1.81                  1.27
              3rd  1.17                  0.81
              4th  0.81                  0.60
              5th  0.61                  ----
Final Drive Ratio  4.06                  4.06

Wheelbase          2601 mm (102.4")
Length             4492 mm (176.8")
Width              1695 mm ( 66.7")
Height             1385 mm ( 54.5")
Track       Front  1443 mm ( 56.8")
             Rear  1422 mm ( 56.0")

                   SL/SL1                       SL2
Curb Weight
                   1065 kg (2348 lbs.)- man.    1098 kg (2421 lbs.)- man.
                   1078 kg (2377 lbs.)- auto    1112 kg (2451 lbs.)- auto
Fuel Capacity      48.5 L (10.7 gal.)           48.5 L (10.7 gal.)
Passenger Seating  2/3                          2/3
Trunk Volume       337 L (11.9 cu.ft.)          337 L (11.9 cu.ft.)
Liftover Height    NA                           NA
Interior Volume    2581 L (91.1 cu.ft.)         2581 L (91.1 cu.ft.)

Leg Room
front/rear        1080/ 832 mm (42.5/32.8")
Head Room
front/rear         998/ 965 mm (39.3/38.0")
Shoulder Room
front/rear        1378/1360 mm (54.3/53.5")
Hip Room
front/rear        1288/1310 mm (50.7/51.6")