Romulus Powertrain


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36880 Ecorse Road
Romulus, Michigan. 48174 United States

Year Opened:


Facility Size:

1.4 million sq. ft.

Employee Information







Union Local:

UAW Local 163

Facility Details

Romulus Powertrain currently employs 326 people.  Hourly employees are represented by UAW Local 163.  The plant is currently in the process of retooling for an all-new V6 engine and all-new 10 speed transmission.  Historically, the plant has a long-standing reputation of quality, productivity and performance.


  • December 16, 2013 - GM will invest $343.4 million a for new 10-speed transmission program and $150 million for a capacity increase of an all-new, previously-announced V6 engine at Romulus Powertrain Operations.

Project details: Since 2009, GM has invested more than $880 million in Romulus Powertrain Operations for the all-new V6 engine and 10-speed transmission programs. The 10-speed automatic transmission will contribute to improved fuel economy and performance. Details about this program and the new V6 program will be announced later.

Plant Manager Quote: “This investment signifies a commitment to the men and women of Romulus Powertrain Operations and reflects their dedication to building the best the engines and transmissions in the world.  With the support of this team, including the leadership of UAW Local 163, we have been able to secure over $880 million in investments since 2009.”

- Clark Freeman, Romulus plant manager

Products & Production

Retooling for all-new V6 engine and all-new 10 speed transmission.


  • 2015 Michigan Environmental Leaders
  • 2015 Michigan Neighborhood Environmental Partner (since 2008)
  • 2015 Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partner (since 2001)
  • 2015 Michigan Clean Corporate Citizen (since 2003)
  • ISO 14001 Certification (since 2000)
  • Wildlife Habitat Council “Wildlife at Work” Certification (since 2008)
  • 2014:  Neighborhood Environmental Partner (NEP) Award – MDEQ (since 2008)
  • 2013:  NEP Special Tribute Award - MDEQ
  • 2014:  NEP Special Tribute Award - MDEQ
  • 2014:  Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) Award – MDEQ (since 2003)
  • 2014:  Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) (since 2001)
  • 2014:  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification (since 2000)
  • 2013:  Wildlife Habitat Council “Wildlife at Work” 3-year recertification (since 2008)
  • 2013:  Michigan Alliance for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Volunteer Service Award
  • 2012:  Habitat for Humanity Service Award

GM State Economic Impact

  • State Wages: $5,016,686,082.71
  • Income Tax: $202,769,725.11
  • December 16, 2013 - 420 created or retained jobs for the all-new 10 speed transmission and 234 for increased capacity for the previously announced all new V6 engine program; Total of 654 created or retained jobs.

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